CARPEVIGO-Group – Press Releases

3. April 2023

Carpevigo: Cancellation option ended

The Carpevigo Group, financier and operator of solar power plants announces that the period for the one-time ordinary cancellation option for bond investors has expired for all three bonds.
7. December 2022

 Carpevigo: Limited period of termination option

The Carpevigo Group, financier of solar parks and power plants for solar power generation, clarifies below the status of the execution of the latest creditor resolutions, which, among other things, provide for a one-time termination option for bond investors.
11. October 2022

Carpevigo: No contestation of the creditors’ resolutions

No actions for annulment have been brought against the resolutions of the creditors' meetings held on 25 August 2022 in respect of the bonds of CARPEVIGO AG and Carpevigo Holding AG in accordance with the German Bond Act (Schuldverschreibungsgesetz) within the period of one month for bringing an action.