The CARPEVIGO Holding AG  Bond II

  • The current bond’s terms, conditions, and resolutions can be accessed under the heading Downloads.

Overview of the key data

ISIN DE000 A1MA45 8
Security Number 14292241
Issue/issue price Nominal amount
Issue volume 15 Mio. Euro
Current Volume EURO 3.722.000,00
Type and denomination a total of 15,000,000 bearer bonds in the nominal amount of EUR 1.00 each
Security type Bearer bond
Nominal amount 1,00 Euro
Interest From 01.10.2022 onwards, the respective partial debenture shall bear interest at 3.75% p.a. in the amount of its respective nominal value.
Interest Payment Interest is calculated annually and is due on 30.09. of each year.
Duration till 30.09.2037 (end of term)
Repayment by 02.11.2037 (at the latest)