Market environment – Solar Power Generation

With electricity consumption rising worldwide, solar power generation is an important option for a secure and clean energy supply. This is being recognised in more and more countries around the world. However, anyone who has read various media publications on the European photovoltaic industry will see that European photovoltaics are on a downward trend.

However, the annual total growth rates of the photovoltaic capacity installed worldwide have been very high over the last 20 years and have consistently been in the double-digit percentage range.

For many years, Germany was by far the leader in terms of installed capacity. Due to political influence, Germany has now relinquished this pioneering role. The German market is only of secondary importance in an international comparison.

Other markets such as China, Japan, and the USA are developing much more dynamically. In the medium term, Germany is in danger of losing touch with the leading countries in photovoltaics.