Operations & Management

In the business field of Operations & Management, the technical and commercial management of photovoltaic plants is carried out by a CARPEVIGO team with more than 15 years of practical experience.

Technical operations management includes:

  • Continuous remote observation of all operational data (monitoring)
  • Evaluation of energy yield and comparison with irradiation and yield surveys
  • Object Security
  • Technical maintenance
  • Performance of legally required inspections in accordance with DIN and VDE
  • Archiving of operational data
  • Fault management
  • Inspections of medium-voltage installations in accordance with VDE and BGV
  • Our own service teams and local service partners on site guarantee short reaction times and optimum system operation.

Services in the area of commercial operations management are:

  • Insurance and contract management
  • Liquidity control and planning
  • Invoicing for proceeds of energy generation, energy distribution and own energy consumption
  • Lease accounting
  • Auditing and execution of payouts
  • Preparation of annual statements and business reports.

Invoices are prepared in accordance with either German or international standards depending on the plant and site.