14. September 2021

Carpevigo AG: First action for damages dismissed

Holzkirchen, 14.09.2021. The financier of plants and power stations for solar power generation continues to hold its own in the various legal disputes pursued by a professional plaintiff.
25. June 2021

Carpevigo AG: Successful release procedure

Holzkirchen, 25.06.2021. The Higher Regional Court of Munich has ruled that the extension of the term of the bond WKN AON3X2 resolved in the vote without a meeting can be implemented in the bond terms and conditions. Therefore, the requirements determined from 01.07.2021 will be effectively implemented.
2. December 2020

Cancellation of the convened creditors’ meeting

28. June 2013

Dangerous Shadows

Merkur News, Holzkirchen, 28.6.2013 Holzkirchen - The solar crisis is now casting its shadow on a Holzkirchen company that was previously considered immune: Carpevigo is fighting for survival. The listed holding company can no longer service the interest payment for a bond due on 30 June.