20. March 2023

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? The current situation with rising energy costs has refocused attention on alternative energy. For years, we […]
16. March 2023

The energy transition battlefield

Tages-Anzeiger Montag 6 Februar 2023 - Photovoltaics on Cultivated Land Farmers should help with the switch to renewable energies. Politicians, therefore, want to promote solar plants in fields. However, the Farmers' Association fears that this would have a negative impact on food production.
16. March 2023

Energy transition takes time

Gelbes Blatt 11.03.2023 - District relies on free-space photovoltaics / Criticism from farmers
7. December 2022

 Carpevigo: Limited period of termination option

The Carpevigo Group, financier of solar parks and power plants for solar power generation, clarifies below the status of the execution of the latest creditor resolutions, which, among other things, provide for a one-time termination option for bond investors.